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Model Number - How to find it (video)
I'm getting an order error on checkout.

[-]Frequently Asked Questions

What does the N2A Card do?
Who's behind the N2A Card?
What version of Android is available on the N2A Card?
Will the N2A Card void my Nook warranty?
Can the same N2A Card work with both the Nook Color and Nook Tablet?
N2A Nook Tablet Card - What do I need to know?
Does the N2A Card work with e-ink devices?
Can I access the Google Play store from my Nook with the N2A Card?
Can I access the Amazon Appstore for Android with the N2A Card?
Will apps purchased for the Nook work with the N2A card in Android mode?
Will books and magazines purchased for the Nook be available while in Android mode?
Will there be updates for the N2A Card?
Is the Android software on the N2A Card rooted?
Can I use my Bluetooth with my Nook in Android mode?
I just got my card, how do I use it?
Who developed the N2A Card software?
What is CyanogenMod 10 and why do you use it?
What apps are preinstalled?
What versions of Nook software will your cards work on?
How much memory is on the N2A Card?
How do your cards differ from each other?
How long should the N2A Card take to load?
How is using the N2A Card different from rooting the Nook software?
Are you going to be supporting the Simple Touch?
Does the N2A Card always have to be in the Nook for it to work in Android mode?
Can I erase the N2A Card?

[+]First Things First

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Second- Booting into Android (video)
Third- How to unlock your device (video)
Fourth- How to connect to a wifi signal (video)
Fifth- How to log into the Market/Play Store (video)

[+]Basic Android Instructions

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[-]Downloadable Image

When I try to unzip the image it says the file is corrupt.
My Nook HD+ is not booting into Android.
How to write an N2A image using a media card reader.
How to backup and restore personal files from our Gingerbread card to your new Jelly Bean card.
Card gets stuck on spinning circle screen
How to enter USB mass storage mode.
My computer is not seeing the SD card when trying to write the image.
How to boot your Nook HD+ into Nook mode.
How to fix random reboots and deep sleep issues on Jelly Bean cards.
Download does not complete.
Having trouble using the downloadable image with Avast anti virus.
How to write an image using USB Image Tool.
Is your anti virus stopping the download and not letting you save the image file?


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What is side-loading an app and how do I do it?
I get an error when trying to download apps from the Market/Play Store. (video)
I see a notification saying, "Updates available." What does this mean?
I get an error saying an application has stopped unexpectedly. What can I do?
Apps show up small on my device; how can I make them bigger?
What is "overclocking" the processor and can I do it?
Can I switch between Nook and Android without removing the N2A Card?
My Nook Tablet is not booting into Android.
Is it OK to erase the SD card while in Android mode? (Nook Color)
I can't buy or download paid apps from the Market/Play Store. (Nook Color)
I don't have the option to sync Google Calendar.
Can I change what the N2A Card boots into by default? (Nook Color)
How do I update my N2A Card? (Nook Color Only)
I'm having trouble with my Wi-Fi connection.
I'm having a problem with apps automatically uninstalling.
My Wi-Fi won't reconnect after idling.
My Nook won't boot into Android mode.
My Nook randomly starts itself after I've turned it off.
Can I take out the card?
How do I delete the default Google account while in Android mode?
Which do I have, the Nook Color or Nook Tablet? (Video)
I get an error that says "Incompatible App" when trying to download an app.
Certain parts of my screen seem unresponsive to touch while in Android mode.
I get an error message when trying to download music from the Market/Play Store.
I can't log into Gmail or the Market/Play Store.
My touchscreen is unresponsive.
My battery won't charge.
What if I had a microSD card in there already?
My Nook is unresponsive or won't turn on/off.
My shortcut stopped working.
My Nook is asking if I want to format the SD card.
My download is stuck at "Starting download ..."
Can I set my screen to lock and open with a password?
I can't download apps from the Amazon Appstore.
When plugged in, my computer doesn't recognize the Nook drive.
How do I check how much space I have left on my card?
My device is frozen
I am unable to play videos.
I'm getting an error that says “Device not compatible.”
When will the N2A card for the Nook HD be ready?
Can I change the keyboard?
How to fully backup and restore your N2A Card. (Windows computers only)
How to transfer music from your computer to your device?
Can I watch Hulu on my device?
Can I print from my device?
How can I remove ads in apps?
What is tethering and can I tether my Nook to my Android phone?
What is an IMEI number and how do I add one to my device?
What is Moborobo 2.0 and can I use it? (PC only)
Can I hook up a USB keyboard to my device using USB host mode? (Nook Color running Gingerbread Only)
How to backup and restore your apps.
Nook Tablet Update
How do I make shortcuts to files and folders?
Is there a way to improve battery life?
Can I add a simulated LED notification light?
Can I change the Android device ID?
Can I change the boot animation?
How can I make icons on my home screen larger and easier to see?
How do I set up and use a proxy?
Can I stream music from my computer to my device?
Control your computer from your device
Can I rip DVDs to watch movies on my device?
Besides sideloading, what other methods are there for transferring files to my device?

[-]CyanogenMod 7 (CM7) Specifics

How do I get the battery to show percentage?
What are notification power widgets and how do I change them?
What is the lockscreen and can I change how it looks?
Can I move the notification bar?
Can I move or remove the soft buttons on the notification bar?
How do I remove the soft keys from the notification bar?
What is a render effect and how do I use one?
What is the Theme Chooser app and how do I use it?

[-]ADW Specifics

The App Drawer (four-square) icon disappeared. How do I get it back?
I'm having trouble moving and deleting apps.
Can I change the appearance of the App Drawer?
Can I change the number of columns in the App Drawer?
Can I change the background color of the App Drawer?
Can I change the number of rows and columns on my home screen?
What is a desktop transition and how do I change mine?
Can I change with home screen is my default home screen?
Can I change the number of home screens I have?
Can I change the location of the trash can on my home screen?
What is the dock bar and can I change its style?
How to change ADW themes.
Can I change the color of the highlight when I tap an app?
How to uninstall apps


Tips for getting the best results with the Market/Play Store.
How do I setup the Facebook app?
How do I add friends to Facebook?
How do I change my status in the Facebook app?
How do I add a picture to Facebook?
How do I change my profile picture in Facebook?
How do I comment on something in the Facebook app?
How do I logout of the Facebook app?
Can I watch Google Videos on my device?
Can I use HBO Go on my device?
About N2A's App Corner app.
How to fix "Words with Friends"
What is a home-replacement/launcher app?
Can I make my device safe for kids to use?
Crackle- movie app that works
How to get Zynga Poker working.
How to get a working Zinio app.
Having trouble with Nook for Android.
Working Netflix app for Jellybean.
Can I use Microsoft Word and Excel files on my device?
Can I fake my GPS location?
How do I uninstall apps using Titanium Backup?
How do I back up and restore apps with Titanium Backup?
Move apps to the sd card wit Titanium Backup
Are there apps that help you switch your background?
How can I control my Google TV device with my Android device?
Scrabble that works