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Supercharge Your Nookin 4 easy steps

  • one

    Turn off your Nook.
    Press and hold the power
    button until prompted
    to shut off your device.

  • two

    Insert your N2A Card.
    Secure your N2A card in
    the microSD slot.

  • three

    Turn on your Nook.
    Your tablet is automatically
    setting itself up.

  • four

    Enter your Wi-Fi password.
    Start enjoying your new
    tablet immediately.

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    Have Questions?

    Ask our experts.

    Check out our detailed Help Center, online user forums or ask our technical support staff. You can reach us seven days a week. We're happy to resolve your problems quickly.

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    Keep Your Warranty...

    Same Nook, now better.

    Turning your Nook into a terrific Android tablet is easy--and legal. No warranty issues, no changes to your ereader: It just works. And we've chosen SanDisk microSD cards: the tech industry's best storage solution to be sure your tablet works perfectly today and tomorrow.

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    New to Android?

    No worries.

    We've created an enormous library of useful tutorials in our Help Center to guide you step-by-step through your new N2A card. And don't forget our forums: they're a great way to find answers to your questions and explore the full potential of the Android platform.

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    Powered by Cyanogenmod.

    The N2A card is powered exclusively by the Cyanogenmod port of Google Android. Cyanogenmod has proven itself to the most stable and most frequently updated mod for the Google Android open source platform. Please visit their site for more information and to donate to the project.

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