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N2A 8GB Card
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N2A 16GB Card
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N2A 32GB Card
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Thinking I would have to replace my nook & get a new tablet to get android and internet access I found the N2A answer. Now I can access 1000's of app's I never had access to. After adding a tru-connect wi-fi hotspot I also can now get internet from anywhere; all from my little innocent nook tablet. What a deal!!!

Sverny, via Website

I finally upgraded my Nook First Edition to a Nook HD+ 16 gig tablet. I chose getting another Nook instead of a regular tablet after doing a bit of research and finding out about the N2A cards.
Quite pleased with it and definitely recommend it to anyone wanting to easily upgrade their Nook.
I used the download option and didn't have a problem at all. I take that back lol, I had one problem. My "old" SD card reader was so old that the computer refused to read the 32 gig card in it. Kept telling me to connect to a usb 2.0 port and gave me a list of them on my computer. I'm thinking all my usb ports are 2.0, then it dawned on me. The old card reader was usb 1.1. Quick trip to my least favorite store in the universe (it starts with a W) and I had a new card reader.

The site provides all the help you need, between video tutorials, FAQ's and a forum.

CrankyHamster, via Website

I have 3 Nook 16GB Tablets. And I have bought all of them N2A cards. Its really the best affordable android tablet out there. I bought two micro SD cards directly from the site and for my latest Nook I chose to buy my own card and download the software to see how it went. Download is easy, installation is simple and for $20 for the software download? I couldn't say no.

I've only ever had one problem with my N2A chips and that's when I leave it on standby for a long amount of time with the WiFi connected, it likes to freeze my wifi setting and won't connect to anything. But a simple restart fixes that problem easily.

Jazmin, via Website

Great customer service!!!, good product, I must say I am very impressed with how easy this is to get done.

Charles, via Website

Was given a nook tablet for christmas, was extremely boring and someone told me about n2a. Went online and ordered the 16 GB for my tablet it is awesome!!!!!! I also love the fact that I have ultimate freedom to swap back the nook OS anytime I feel the need or whenever I want to read... thanks n2a!!!!!!

Aaron, via Website

I am simply loving this! It's so good having my Nook tablet be useful again. I'm using a class 4 microSD card and it is simply flying! The setup was super easy (which was why I decided to try N2A) and the results are simply excellent :) 5 stars!

Sean, via Website

Bought a pre-loaded card for my Nook Color and was up and running in a jiffy. Having this lets my grandson play his android apps and frees up our cell phones. I am having an issue with loading my cable company's video player for Android, but this is not a deal breaker. Someone else already said this, but I have to agree that the pre-loaded card is the best thirty bucks I have spent in a long time. Thanks N2A.

Bill S., via Website

Awesome! Got my Nook Color 16 gb card the other day and haven't looked back. Its has bought new life to my Nook. Keep up the good work...

howlindawg, via Website

I never write reviews but this was worth it.

I downloaded the 32GB image for the Nook HD+. Please read the FAQ when trying to burn the image. There were no options listed when trying to run the program as shown in the short video. When you tablet is connected via USB to your PC, it may not recognize the microSD card when it it inserted in the Nook's tablet. (as recommended in the FAQ.) The FAQ also recommended using a cheap $2 external card reader but it actually recognized my PCs internal card reader. It took about 40-45 minutes to write the image to my SD card with an Intel core i5 processor. I also recommend downloading the Quick Boot app in order to switch between Android and Nook mode to make life easier. (listed in the FAQ as well)

We are now enjoying the Nook as an e-reader and as an Android tablet thanks to this! I highly recommend this product. It is well worth the money. Hope this review helps. Enjoy.

KellyC, via Website

Money Well Spent...

I'm fairly computer literate and had done the forum rooting with Cyanogen Mod 7. The Nook did ok, but you had to be very careful with the apps you installed as there was nothing in there telling you that app is for a phone. The stability of the O/S left a lot to be desired. So I went back to my BN Nook system.

I got word of N2A and wasted no time with downloading and installing (after a quick review of the youtube video). I must say that I am very impressed with the operation and stability of this app. I like that the base BN Nook O/S is intact, that I can go back at anytime and not void my warranty.

This "N2A" conversion is made even simpler by purchasing the card that has the N2A O/S already installed, even a 5th grader can do this :)

S. Chaser, via Website

I received a Nook HD+ for Christmas and was very disappointed with the lack of functionality.
I ordered the N2A card the day after and couldn't be happier.
The card arrived in two days and installed in less than 5 minutes.
Turned the Nook on and WOW. An Android tablet.

I cannot recommend this thing enough. If you have a Nook, buy this.

Rich B, via Website

Rocks... but it took me a while to find apps that work as well as Nook's .....
Alkido premium reader is almost as good.
Google Opera browser is more versatile but slower.
N2A resident calendar is the best!
Drop Box, to share files.

After a month I am still struggling with file transfers and sharing between the Nook o/s and ice cream. Plus being Canadian using my Netflix account and getting certain censured apps like Pandora and the Nook reader apps on the N2A side is implausible. Also Google Talk Freeze's my browser on occassion.

john, via Website


In December 23 I download the Android version for my Nook Color NV200 in a Ultra 32GB microSDHC Class 10 Memory Card, but I had the following issues:

1. I wasn’t able to extract the file (usbitc 32.exe .net framework initiation error) was missing from my computer. I download .net framework and also .net framework V2.0.50727. After that I extract the file took about one hour. I insert the micro card in my Nook color and voila, I have my new nook color Android version.
2. I connect my Nook to my computer but didn’t recognize it. N2A technical support sent an e-mail with the following information: How to enter USB mass storage mode.
USB mass storage mode is used when you want to transfer files from your computer to your Nook. To turn it on follow the simple steps below.
-Go into "Settings" then select "Storage"
-Touch the Menu button and press "USB computer connection" H
-Set it to "Mass storage
3. Now my computer recognizes the Nook Color but not the drive. When I click on the drive a window opens "Please insert disk into the drive H or G", doesn't recognize the media card or only sees the boot drive.
4. Finally Tech support send me this e-mail “Once you are booted into Android tap the clock. Then tap "USB Connected" This will mount the SD Card to your computer.”
Now my Nook is working fine I was able to transfer some movies and pictures from my computer to my nook. Thanks to Alex K N2A support team.

LUCERO, via Website

Just installed card today. Took only a few minutes to load. Now I have a full blown android tablet. This is the best $30 I've ever spent. I would suggest this product to anyone.

greg, via Website

Tried time and time again to make my own card from files on other sites. After several hours and many failed attempts to get correct files on card in proper way, decided to download file from N2A to my card and try that route. BEST money I have spent this Christmas!!! Well worth the download and now my 10yr old daughter feels as great as if I would have bought her a $600 iPad...... Thanks for the easy instructions and easy download. :)

Brent - Tennessee, via Website

We just got the N2A 8Gb card for my wife's Nook Color Tablet.
Physical install was: Open the microSD card slot cover, install card, close cover.
Operating installation was just as easy. Turn on the Nook Color Tablet. Follow the prompts. TADA!
Very Nice!

I strongly recommend just ordering the premade card. It will come in a jiffy, is high quality, and just plain WORKS!
Ken Fisher
Nine Mile Falls, WA

Ken Fisher, via Website

I just got my N2A 32g card and installed in per the instructions, and I love my NOOK/N2A tablet now. when it was the NOOK, i was ready to sell the POS, since you could hardly use it, since B&N didnt offer crap to anyone. I will be sharing the site with anyone, that ask....LOVE great

bicycleman309, via Website

Wanted to put my two cents worth in. I am 76 and have a broad background in IT but not familiar with Android and its apps. I have owned the Nook Color for two years and had a 32GB Sandisk card used to store movies, etc. Found about N2A during a web search. Downloaded the software and installed it. Found it a little confusing. Received an email to upgrade to Jellybean. Did so (with some help from SanDisk to reformat the card) and it works ABSOLUTELY GREAT. Have many Android apps installed and still have room for music, videos, etc. I would highly recommend this application - whether a download or with the purchase of the SD card. Thanks for making this available

Don - Parker, CO

Don, via Website

Just downloaded, installed and it all Worked as advertised. I am using on the Nook HD+. I am now about to learn android 4.1

Michealj, via Website

I love, love ,love this upgrade. Have a friend and she'll be getting hers next. Thank you N2A.

JudiC, via Website

Have a Nook HD+ 9" and wanted to get the android system on it. Downloaded the N2A file, and after some extra work, it works great. Would recomend it to anyone.

Jim, via Website

Great app!
I was looking at upgrading to a 7" tablet, but found this app, downloaded it, and was up and running on my Nook color in a very short time. That's a savings of over $200!
It runs quite fast and I was able to access all of my Android apps.
Thanks and great job!

emangan3389, via Website

Received the card this a.m. , barely 2 bus. days after ordering. It downloaded perfectly and having no problems (nook tablet). Just have to learn more about navigating jellybean and about the various icons.

Anne, via Website

Most awesome and easiest upgrade I've ever done. Previously I manually did the work to get Gingerbread installed on my SD card for my Nook tablet. Hours of research, work, and frustration until I got it all working. This took the guess work, research, and configuration out of the process. Download... Run, select and walk away. Oh, without a doubt, the cost makes this a worth while product...

Fred K of PA, via Website

I love my N2A Card! Already had a new Nook and wanted an andorid tablet. Luckily I found this website. I decided to take a chance and spend $39 and see it it really worked! It saved me several hundred dollars. It was easy to install and works perfectly. I love it!

Glenda, via Website

AWESOME!!!!!!! Took my Nook Color and turned t into something MUCH better!! :)

Audra, via Website

These folks are GREAT!!!! I had trouble with my download (turned out it was me doing it wrong), but they refunded the money. So I tried them again and figured out what I was doing wrong, and my download worked PERFECT!!!!

Laurelle, via Website

I spent about a few days trying to create my own card through the use of the forums, and I couldn't figure it out and get it working properly (with the use of a mac). After all the frustration I decided to give up and then I read a review of n2aCards.

I purchased the Jelly Bean n2aCard and it had a few kinks in which the responsive customer service people were able to answer. One issue I had was the deep sleep mode for the nook tablet 16gb. You need to follow the FAQs part to make sure it doesn't go into deep sleep. After that you're all set!

Thank you!

Jimmy H., via Website

This company has the 5 star customer service more companies should emulate. I read about the N2A cards on a website this morning and when I got to their site I found I could have an instant download to my own SD card, after the purchase, the download did not work in my browser, after sending an email a tech got back to me on a Sunday afternoon and made a suggestion to use a different browser and re sent the download file. After watching the video and downloading the file everything worked. I am recommending this product and company even if you don't have a nook, they are great, so go buy a nook and root it for Christmas with N2A.

Fred K, via Website

I have had formatted card for over a year now. Love it, never have had a problem but if I had I know that I can contact this customer service group and get quick, correct answer. Have sent many to this site and all agree that this is the best product. Now have a new Nook Tablet and will be downloading that Image. Looking forward to continued product & service satisfaction. Thank you N2A cards.

JoyfulT, via Website

Nook Color

I bought this Nook Color in Phoenix as a XMAS Gift for my wife,when they first came out. I actually believed the clerk when they said it would be no problem hooking up with the B & N site for downloads.(IN THE USA,he forgot to mention I needed a US Credit Card)
I brought it home to Canada only to discover it was really just a paperweight and totally usless without a US Based credit card.Shame on you B & N. So there it sat. Yes we loaded it with books from the canadian ebook shop but it always rankled me that I had been sucked in. Then i discovered N2A,I purchased my first card 6 months ago and did a Jelly Bean 4.1 download and upgrade yesterday. Flawlessly. CUDO`s to the writers and staff at N2a for having the sense to put the step by steps with all the warnings etc right at my fingertips.*****

Dwaine, via Website

I love my n2a for nookcolor. Definelty diverisfies the nook. I am looking forward to n2a for the HD as I am upgradiing to HD and giving an HD to my wife. I am choosing nooks again becuase of the n2a cards. I would recommend highly.

Steve, via Website

Let me begin with the fact that I have sd booted my Nook Color from the day it was new. I has the dual android boot of CM7 and CM9. Jelly Bean (CM10) programming has not been stable, so I decided to try the N2A download.
I concur with April's glowing review of Customer Service. I, too, encountered issues due to my ordering a download for the wrong size card. I accidently ordered the 16G file for an 8G card (anyone else see a problem with this?). So I opened a trouble ticket. Before N2A had time to respond I decided to bite the proverbial bullet and just purchase a new sd card. Wow, I found a great deal, online, on 32G cards (Anyone see another problem?). I assumed (yes I know the meaning of the word) I could just upload the file to the 32G card then resize the data partition. Before I could confuse this further, N2A support responded that I would need the 32G download and included the link (no additional charge) in the email response.
First, I must say that I haven't seen customer service like this for decades (yes, I've been around the block a few times). Further, English appeared to be a first language for the support team, which means support hasn't been outsourced. Obviously, I have quickly become a customer advocate of N2A and will share my experience with everyone I can.

Bill, via Website

I recently upgraded from a Nook tablet to the Nook Hd. The Nook tablet is a great reader but lacks in the tablet performance. I was going to sell it (wasn't worth much) until a friend at work told me about the N2A cards. Ordered one over Thaanksgiving and it arrived in two days. Watched instructional video then popped open slot, stuck in card and turned on the Nook. That was it. Easy as 123. Now this Nook Tablet actually works really well. I recommend getting one for instant upgrade of your Nook. You will probably find out you really don't need that new tablet after all. Great job guys!

Bruce C., via Website

The customer service is fantastic! No, wait....the customer service is ABSOLUTELY, INCREDIBLY, MAGNIFICENTLY, AMAZINGLY, FREAKINGLY, UNBELIEVABLY FANTASTIC!! Yeah, that's more accurate.

I purchased the download and due to a series of problems - most of which were a result of my own ineptitude - it has taken over a month to change my nook into a droid. During all that time EC has provided the absolute utmost in customer service with advice, re-issues (and re-re-issues, and re-re-re-issues) of the download with nary the slightest bit of snark, irritation, anger, or frustration. He's been an absolute angel and paragon of patience (though I suspect there may be holes in the walls of his house!) and has responded to my many questions and problems in the shortest of time. I don't think he ever sleeps.

If you are reading these reviews before buying the chip/download (as I did before I bought) buy the thing, already! You can't go wrong. Seriously. Whatever problem you might have, they will fix it. However long it takes. With nothing but good humor and kindness. In fact, you should hope you have some problems, just so you can see how customer service SHOULD be done!

(Ok, I don't really hope you have problems, but if you will be well-taken care of. Just saying.)

Thank you, EC.

April, via Website

Excellent customer service, knowledgeable and fast customer support, great product! Thank you!

Debbie, via Website

I bought my Nook Color in November, 2011. I dealt with B&N's limited app ecosystem for almost a year. Decided to pull the trigger on the N2A card in September, 2012 and just upgraded to Jelly Bean earlier this week. I now have a super-sweet 7"Android tablet that works perfectly and puts most of the others (including Kindle) to shame!

Heather C, via Website

Bought the 16gb Gingerbread card for my nook tablet about a year ago. Very happy with it and love the fact that there are so many free android apps. It is well worth the money. These guys do great work.

I recently updated to JellyBean OS. I downloaded to my own SD Card and after a few bumps in the road (basically my fault), I have been very happy with it. Customer service is great and very accomodating. I can't say enough about the work these guys do, not an Apple fan, and to have a tablet with the capabilities that the N2Acards offer is awesome.

kevin, via Website

Recently purchased the n2a 32 GB download. Their customer service was on point and very helpful in assisting with my download. Right after that I received an E-mail telling me that since I had made that purchase so recently I could upgrade to their new release of Jelly Bean. What a surprise! I was very excited about this and promptly downloaded the upgrade. Once again they were very patient and assisted me until I had accomplished this. The result is an even more useful tablet than before. I have been singing their praises since.

Greg, via Website

I've had my 32Gb N2A card for some time now, use it everyday (on a Nook Color) sometimes using it for 4 hrs at a time (I'm serious) and I love it. It will lock up sometimes (not often), but I think the N2A card is well worth the money! I'm looking into upgrading it to 4.1 Jelly Bean from Honeycomb.

TBarkley, via Website

I had been using my Nook for a while and was getting less and less satisfied with its performance. The internet browser was an abysmal failure, locking up on average about every 15 minutes of use. Frankly, it was one step from being used as an expensive coaster or thrown in the trash.

Decided to try the N2A card and it has been transformed. Seriously... it's a completely different machine. Easy to use, no lockups, thousands of apps. Downloading of files is consistent and the speed is incredible.

Anyone frustrated with your NOOK, wait before you throw it out the window. Give this N2A card a try. You won't regret it.

Krell, via Website

I have to say I was very skeptical about doing this to my Nook. I took the time and read all the reviews and went to different web sites to see what every one had to say. I finally went ahead and purchased a card (jelly bean). Wow, It is everything it is advertised to be. Easy set up, easy to use. Have already recommended this to a few of my friends. Great product. Love it.

Sandy, via Website

I have the n2a card in my Nook color and love it. I now have the new hd 9" tablet and hope that soon there will be a card for it. Hurry up, guys!!

pconcannon, via Website

I am so impressed with your product, and your outstanding customer service! Even though your email said you were backlogged, I received timely answers to each of my questions, and your staff treated me as though I were your only customer! You exceeded my expectations, and I am impressed! Thank you.

Ken, via Website

Received my N2A in the mail in 2 days, great. had a couple glitches in getting it set up but was my issue, customer service helped, got it down loaded and love it. Would recommend it to anyone. It is great.

Nancy, via Website

I just upgraded to the new Jelly Bean N2A for nook tablet. It's amazing!! This isn't a small upgrade. If you have the Gingerbread N2A card and you're wondering if it's worth it to upgrade - it is!! Do it!! I recommend you read everything first to be sure you buy the right kind of microSD card and prep for all steps correctly. Note the Jelly Bean isn't ready for 64 GB cards. I used the 32 GB. I only had one small glitch; when I tried to start the process of downloading the Jelly Bean upgrade onto a new 32 GB micro SD card, nothing happened. I noticed the file downloaded had no ".exe" at the end of the file name and wasn't being recognized as an application. I added the ".exe" extension on the end of the file name, and everything else went smoothly from there. The whole process takes a while, but it's worth it, and if you go through all the instructions first, it isn't difficult, just time consuming. Thank you, N2A - great upgrade.

Connie, via Website

Used your video for fixing the Play store after searching the internet for a fix for a continual error message. It was so easy and worked immediately!

Dayna, via Website

jelly bean update is awesome on nook. great job

gomer, via Website

FANTASTIC ... I love it !! Worth EVERY cent and then some !!

Donna O, via Website

I gave my Kindle to my daughter and upgraded to the Nook Tablet for the color and to watch videos while I commute on trains. Problem was I had many amazon purchased books I could not get access to with the nook. I was looking for an android tablet to replace the nook when I stumbled upon the N2A website. Problem solved without having to dump the nook. I now have android readers for both my B&N and Amazon books. What an incredible piece of ingenuity. Thanks a million.

Scott VT, via Website

After some hesitation, and hours of deliberation and research, I decided to take the chance and see if I would be able to tackle this with the same ease everyone else had. I ran into a small hiccup, but received very quick feedback from the developers and within 2 hours time, my nook tablet was running on the android platform. Switching between the two platforms is rather easy. I am pleased that I have unleashed the full potential of my Nook Tablet. Thank you to the developers for making this available. If you are unsure about this, have no fears. Purchasing the content to write your card is secure and safe and if you do have problems they will respond quickly. 5 stars from me.

Kim, via Website

I love my Nook Color with my 16g N2A card!! As you will read in these reviews these cards absolutely change your Nook experience, so when something bad happens your heart stops. Well, I contacted N2A tech support late on Saturday night and started troubleshooting right away. I'm up and going again now.

Customer service at is best!


Jim S., via Website

I just installed the N2A image on a 16Gb card in my brand new Tablet. It took about 1 hour. To put it simply I just love it. B&N will not sell books or apps to someone in Europe so this a very easy way to get what you want.

Gisli, via Website

Worked perfectly. I was frustrated for weeks trying to find the right versions, youtube videos, etc. Nothing worked. Hours of frustration, Wish I would have found this site earlier. Had my Nook Tablet running Android in less than an hour with the download files link, No additonal set up. Everything worked as promised.I was downloading from the Play store in minutes. I would highly recommend N2A for the ease of installation and step by step instructions. Definately a happy customer.

David D., via Website

Awesome!!!! Got my card today. Followed the simple instructions and its as easy as that.

nayachica, via Website

Well, my daughter and I have been eyeing the 16gb card for a while now. I was taking another look yesterday and was very pleased to see a >>download<< was finally available! Paid, downloaded, unzipped, written and installed...WOW! This software is just awesome. Her Nook is now a true tablet. The Nook OS was definitely's biggest downfall being it's oh so slow speed....both in internet access as well as overall performance. I even removed the 32gb card from my SII Galaxy phone so she could have the largest capacity for her (my?) Nook. Words are cheap, but hear me...I am very particular and this is well worth the money. Buy it and you will not regret it.

Brad and Elizabeth, via Website

WOW! Got a Nook Color and was about to return it since the apps just weren't there! Downloaded it over the internet to my card and now I will be keeping it for sure! Thanks!

James, via Website

Love it!

Thom T., via Website

I am amazed! I received the Nook Color as a gift and decided to try to make it more than just an eReader.So I got a 16G card and used the "instant download". Instructions were simple and clear and everything worked the first time! So now I have my Android tablet at a price I can live with! Thanks!

Duane Hattaway, via Website

I used the command line tool 'dd' to copy my 16-GByte N2A Card image to my PNY Class 4 SD Card on my MacBook Pro without issues. It works flawlessly in my Nook Color (original). This is much better than Auto-Nooter, which I was previously using. Thanks to all of your hard work, I no longer have Nexus 7 envy!

Scott Sideleau, via Website

I bought the 16gb card for my nook tablet about 6 weeks ago. I love what the card gave me, a much more useful tablet. I love the android so much, I have only been in the Nook boot up once or twice. I carry my tablet around everywhere I go. I Love It.
Thank you.

I'd love it if N2A made a similar card for the Elocity A7+. What a value it would turn that tablet into.

Frank, via Website

Just received my card in the mail today and so, far I love it. Thanks!!

Marquita, via Website

I've learned about this when I started browsing in the internet on how to side-load android apps to my wife's Nook Tablet. After ordering online via, I received it today (27 Aug 2012) via courier here in Singapore.

I'm excited to give my wife's nook tablet tonight and try the new OS - Gingerbread, the same as her Samsung Galaxy S.

Converting the nook tablet to Gingerbread is a lot cheaper than buying Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7. Thank you N2A Cards!

Alex, via Website

I've used my 32GB N2A card for nearly a year. It is fantastic. Easy to use. I recommend going through the help informaiton if you aren't familiar with Android. The Customer service is awesome. I already loved my nook; this just made it a Super Nook!

Thank you for making this!

Debbie, via Website

I love this thing, me and my husband was going to Walmart just to get Kindle Fire, but when I got there and saw other tablets and went searching for others to compare it with and found the Nook Color, brought them home and then looked on web and found we liked the Noot tablet even better so we went back to Walmart and exchanged them for the 8gb tablet and was very happy. Then I found N2A cards and we got the 8gb ones and mine worked great and am very happy with it, my husbands didn't work so they sent me another one and it still won't boot into android without plugging it up, but I think there is a file missing from his nook, because there is one more file on mine that his does not have and we are going to take it to BN and have them look at it, so then it should do the trick. I love this thing and glad to have it. Thanks.

Sharon Carver, via Website

Been using my Nook Color with N2A card for a year now. Works great! I like that it is compatible apps wise with my Verizon Android phone. Makes life easier. I've taken it as far as Patagonia and coast to coast with no problems at all. If the Wifi is decent, it works just fine. Some hotels have wimpy wifi (especially in Patagonia) and the slow access is annoying, but not the fault of the Nook.
Just returned from the San Juan Islands where it worked fine on a house DSL broadband connection to keep me in touch with email.
Battery on the NC seems to keep chugging along. No problems so far.

HDB1, via Website

N2A worked great until I started playing with security setting and screwed it up. Great customer service on Sunday afternoon.

Fantastic, fast, efficient customer service!!!

frank, via Website

I am a HUGE KINDLE LOVER! Mostly because Amazon offers such amazing deals. My son took my kindle (keyboard version) with him to Afghanistan - so long story short- I ended up buying the Nook Tablet. I loved the layout and categorization of the books. It was exactly what I wanted (although the web program they have stinks!!) In most regards, I was totally satisfied - except that I couldn't access my 3,500+ kindle books. (And the fact that their apps are very limited, are expensive, etc) In fact, Nook even blocked me from downloading the kindle app. And the BN customer service was less than helpful. THIS N2A CARD (32gb Nook Tablet version) IS AMAZING! I just turned the nook off, inserted the card, and turned it back on. IT IS THAT SIMPLE!!! I had no problems whatsoever!!! Now I have the choice to enjoy my nook tablet as-is (with the amazing beauty of organizing all of my nook books etc) or I can log in to my new droid tablet. AMAZING!! (By the way, I have an I-phone and access to an I-Pad so I know what I'm talking about when I compare this to an I-Pad/Apple product. "I prefer my new nook tablet hybrid over the I-Pad"!!! YOU WILL NOT BE DISAPPOINTED!! BUY THIS!!

Shannon, via Website

BEST $35 I HAVE EVER SPENT!!!!! I did a lot of research before buying my 8gb NT N2A card. I kept getting frustrated that no one had an rooting answer for the new software updates Barnes and Noble is coming out with. I had nearly given up when I came across I looked at close to 20+ different websites claiming they could install Android or root the NT to run Android...NONE OF THEM COULD TRULY DO IT ON 1.4.3 without bricking. I just bought my NT a little over a month ago and therefore have the new software version (1.4.3). I got my card in the mail today and within 10 minutes of placing the card in my NT I was playing Angry Birds on my new and improved Nook Tablet thanks to your product. THEY DELIVER 100% what they promise, have incredibly fast customer service and their installation videos left me with no questions. I can't wait to discover all of the things I can now do with NT! Stop looking now and buy a N2A card.

Jake with v. 1.4.3, via Website

I have new gen iPad, kindle touch, kindle fire, nook tablet, nook with glow light, just took galaxy tab back and got galaxy note( tablet and phone). So I would assume I know alittle about the tablet world. I just wanted the nook devise to be both my nook and my kindle. I Knew there had to be something out there, and then bam. I found this. Oh my. Now I have kindle, nook, on one tablet form base, and so I sold my kindle fire. One less devise to carry. I ended up ordering the 16 gig card, to store more stuff. I seen that the apps were only at one gig, then I saw where the company expanded it to 2. Just wow. N2a I bought your product with confidence of knowing ( from eviews) that if I needed help or had complaint that you would promptly correct it...but guess what? I got the card, put it in, turned on the devise and in less that one minute I had my conversion of kindle and nook and all the others plus then I got the amazon app store put on to be like the kindle fire but on the nook tablet with all the conforts of android...what could be better on a 7 in. Tablet . I'm now looking for iPad for my son. Since I sold the kindle fire. . What you do n2a is the coolest concept. I'm so glad your out there.l.if I ever need ya...but like I was so easy, I had no problem at all. If you are debating buying a card from this company....don't... Buying this card help me in so many ways to organize my books and devises all in one.l without messing with Warrenty. Fntastic. Just buy it. Then you will be righting a review as I did...

Michelle j., via Website

This card is great! I can toggle back and forth between my Nook Color to read and to Android to play. I don't have a "smart" phone, so this is great for answering email and logging into radio and games when I'm near WiFi. Very easy to use and the customer service is extremely responsive and friendly. I would recommend to anyone with a Nook Color or tablet. Great job, N2A.

Pat, via Website

As they claimed, install was very easy, no problems, and people ask what it is. They are amazed when you reboot back to the nook. This microsd card is well, well worth it. (32 gig)

bob f, via Website

Great product! Excellent service! Outstanding company!

Art955, via Website

Wonderful upgrade. Turns your nook tablet into true powerhouse! Also gives you the reboot feature that allows original nook software to run. Best tech purchase in years, Great Job.

Johnny, via Website

I love!!!!!!! my N2A 32GB card. It is the bomb. I had an issue with internet connection which I thought was the fault of the card but later discoverd that it was the fault of my internet carrier. Sorry N2A for loosing my temper.

The card has been perfect! and an absolute dream.

Thanks so much for all you do, and thank you for providing excellent customer service!

Five big stars! * * * * *

Gerald, via Website

OMG....WOW... Fast delivery of an EXCELLENT PRODUCT. Every nook owner should have a N2A memory card. I dont see how I lived without it.

Samuel Cavazos, via Website

Everything you've read about the N2A card is correct; it does a great job of turning the Nook Tablet into an Android device. I bought the 32G at the same time I got the tablet. It installs quickly and easily and in no time I was dl'ing all my apps from Google Play. One thing I will say, not to detract from the N2A card, is that it could use a bit more "polish". For those not familiar with these things, this is a "port" of the Cyanogenmod onto the "Nook". Many of the things that would be found in a smartphone still show up in the settings i.e. GPS, Bluetooth, etc. Though not an issue with functionality, if one didn't know better you'd think that these functions were available and could be frustrated that they don't "work". I also had a bit of trouble getting my Contacts from GMAIL sync'ed and eventually gave up. There are a few subtle things like this that I think stand in the way of being "stellar" instead of just "great". I got two of these cards (one for my wife's older Color Nook and she really likes that by simply removing the card her CN is "back to normal". If you've wanted to "mess around" with Android this is a fantastic way to do it and not worry about warranties, "flashing ROM's" etc.

MikeT, via Website

This is a great solution to go to an Android tablet, the nook has a great look feel and form afctor. The N2a Card is a GREAT addition, boots to an Android tablet fast and easy to use. The Customer Service of this compay is OUTSTANDING, THAT IS RARE IN THIS DAY AND AGE. i WOULD ADVISE ANYONE THAT HAS A NOOK COLOR TO GET THIS CARD!!!

Curtis, via Website

Thank you thank you thank you! I can not tell you how easy it was to turn my Nook Color into an Android tablet! I spent so many hours watching tutorials, downloading programs trying to make my own sd card. I should have NEVER wasted my time. I will recommend you to everyone I know!

Michelle, via Website

I've had my 16GB N2A card for only three days and I'm pretty certain that I'll *never* boot back to the plain nook environment again. The N2A card had many of the tools and applications that I wanted already pre-loaded and, of course, getting my favorite items that were missing from the card was simply a matter of installing them from the Android market. Even moving my nook books and other epub documents over to the N2A environment was simple. Now I've got a fast, small multimedia appliance that works the way *I* want to, instead of the way Barnes & Noble thinks I should want to. Great job N2A development team!

Jon Herrin, via Website

Have the nook color, looked at online info on rooting and saidno way. Plugged in the 32gig card and off it went. People have asked what this thing is, and i just show them the card and reboot to nook. Usual comment is "thats so cool". Gave the kids my laptop.
No problems, no worries.

bob, via Website

I wanted to play with Android and my wife wanted an e reader. She doesn't want me "messing" with her devices after some unfortunate upgrades I applied to her devices. N2A has been the perfect solution. She has here nook e reader an I get to experiment to my hearts content on the N2A card. I can hardly wait for N2A Ice Cream?

N2A has me considering the purchase of a second Nook Tablet.

Derbytims, via Website

I cannot say enough wonderful things about my N2A card! I received it in 2 days and it was the easiest thing I've ever done!!! Loved my Nook Tablet before but now I'm head over heels in love with it thanks to this card!!!

Athena, via Website

Had a card for some time with no problems. Had a glitch, support had me upgrade via my computer, and as stated, it worked like a charm. I wish more company's would be so customer focused.

Cannot say enough good for N2Acards. If you have a Nook, they take the guesswork out of Android for such a low price.

Jimmy T, via Website

I have been wanting a tablet for awhile but it just isn't in the budget for the foreseeable future. My Nook Color I received as a gift and with the addition of the N2A card (16G) I have a great Android tablet for essentially $50!
The card is super easy to install and the instructions for dealing with the Android Market glitch (that other reviews have referenced) were included in the package. I also had a problem getting Gmail to sync but found the answer on the forum and fixed it in about 30sec.
This is a fantastic product!

Nancy, via Website

I received my 32 g card on Wednesday. It has worked without a hitch! I'm amazed at how fast it runs. Well worth the investment!

Gary A., via Website

Received my 16GB card for my Nook Tablet today. Opened package, read install instructions, installed card and powered up. No problems and powered up to my N2A Android OS. After exploring setup and functionality, I now have a fully functional android tablet. The NT was OK, but not very many apps available. I now have downloaded many useable apps that I use on a daily basis. As well as Amazon apps, Kindle and Audible that I use, besides just Nook books.

Thanks N2A for the great product.

Steve U, via Website

The staff at N2Acards delivered with this product! It even works well with slower processers like the one I have in my Nook Color! I will be ordering another one in the near future for my wife's Nook Color. That's how impressed I am with their software and service... D. Cochran DE, USA

D. Cochran, via Website

Like some of previous reviews, I too thought this is to good to be true for such a small item to convert my Nook Tablet 16GB into a functioning Android tablet. Well I took a leap of faith and I purchased my N2A card on wednesday May 23 and receive it on May 26th. I followed the 4 easy steps on the package and with in 5 minutes, I had an AMAZING Andriod tablet. I did the happy dance and everything lol. I not one to write reviews, but I just had to on this amazing product!!!!!! KUDOS to N2A on creating an awesome product!!! Now I have the best of two worlds :)

J Messer, via Website

love love love shipping better that paid for,,,,worked just like they is that cool, can't wait to learm all about it...even my family that has ipads were surprized...THANK YOU!

JRobles, via Website

I've had my card since Nov of 2011 and I love it. I recently upgraded to the nooktablet and a 32gb card. This is the 2nd best investment I've made. My nook is the 1st.

Tracie, via Website

First of all I couldn't have asked for faster shipping! Seriously I had my card in two days flat. It was such an easy installation process! I LOVE MY N2A CARD!!!!!!!!!! I now have the ability to have access to an Android Tablet or a Nook Tablet Reader. Would I recommend buying and N2A card? YES!!!!!!!!!!! Do it it's awesome!

Andie426, via Website

Who needs an iPad? :) I purchased a pre-owned Nook Tablet, ordered a 16GB
N2Acard, and it's great! Totally "androidized", it's lightning fast, the screen is very responsive, and I couldn't be happier with it! I liked the Nook Color I had before, but the Tablet is something else! Plus, the N2A support team has been fantastic whenever I've had a question. I couldn't recommend N2Acards more strongly!

Guy, via Website

This thing is unbelievable! Just as easy as it says. For just a few dollars more than an SD card itself you get a full on android interface. I have had my Nook tablet for awhile and when I pulled up the book I was reading on the Nook App it was on the correct page! Google Play pre-loaded. The Dolphin internet app was also cool- tabbed browsing and voice recognition. Bravo. Well done. Would not even think of attempting a root. Waste of time and potential problems. Thanks N2A

Steve, via Website

Great products and customer support. Ordered 16 gb card recieved it quickly.
I had my nook booted to N2A, it was working great. Then my N2A card got corrupted. sent a email to customer support, recieved a response in about a hour.

They sent a new card out the next day. NOOK booted to N2A and no more problems.

Gordon Guest, via Website

The 32 gb N2A card was delivered promptly and works beautifully. Now, our Nook Tablet is everything it should be!...

Jim, via Website

I have somehow corrupted my Nook Color card twice. When N2A team could not help me fix the problem not only did they send me new cards but paid for the postage to return the old cards. I cannot believe how great the customer service is for this product. The nook is now running fine in Android and I am really enjoying the abiity to dual boot my Nook. Thansk again N2A team!!!

Alanb, via Website

Great product, Easily converted my Nook Color into a Android tablet. Thank you cyanogen development team !

ebeats99, via Website

I highly recommend the N2A card. I loved my Nook Color before the SD card, but now it is even better. I received the card within a week of the order. I now have a fully functioning Android tablet! The price is great and the support even better. I am not the most computer savvy person, so I was relieved at the ease of installation. I was saddened when I did something to the Nook Android and could not get it to reboot to the Android tablet. I emailed the wonderful people at N2A cards about my problem and within 5 minutes received a return email with a solution to my problem. The steps were presented in a manner that even I could follow. I am so glad to have my Android tablet back!!!

Resa, via Website

One word....WOW! Ordered the 16GB and received it two days later. Opened it up, put it in my Nook Tablet (16GB) turned it on...and it's now an Android. Great price, excellent customer service, help center, and forums. WOW!!!

Mike Hamilton, via Website

OMG I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it is the most amazing thing ever!! omg, it is a MUST HAVE!!!!

Nook Girl, via Website

The support from the n2a team is absolutely awesome. Not 14 days after i bought the 32 GB card, not 30 days after i got the card but 4 months later i was treated like i was looking to buy! I had a problem but turns out when you need support you have got one heckofa great group proving you dont have any problem when youre an n2a customer. N2A team, you are the best. Thank you from the deep down bottom of my old software!

garysellshose, via Website

Hi~~just wanted to say~~I ordered my 32 GB N2A card from SAID it would take 2 weeks~~didn't ~~got it in one week~~
I inserted it~~if fired right up~~
Let me say I'm a geezer, and tech illiterate~~
When I got through playing with it, I hit 'reboot'~~it went back to regular Nook Tablet & I shut it down.
Next day, I went in & tried again~~NADA~~
But it was ME~~~the N2A is WONDERFUL~~yes~~ as a matter of fact, I AM shouting~~
Love, love it!!
Customer service? Wonderfully patient~~~
Thanks & kudos

Jean Strain, via Website

After trying to build a ROM for my Nook Color version 1.3 using files downloaded from the internet, all I got was a spinning robot or blank screen. Burn - crash - repeat, etc.

The N2A card works great for later versions of the Nook Color and is the same price as you would pay for a blank, blow your own, class 4 MicroSD card.

Ted, via Website

Omg! This card is awesome! I ordered this card about a month ago and I am very happy I did. I keep all my books on the nook stock so I can keep what I am reading private! Plus what else would I use that space for! I love the android part so many apps on market,I am still learning about android but so far its pretty simple.If I have any questions, I can find the answers on there websight.Oh yea it only took 2 days to receive this card, and I ordered the 32gb. Thanks to the N2A Team it was easy to turn nook color into android tablet!

katie, via Website

I ordered my N2A card on the 2nd and received it on the 4th! Nice packaging with clear instructions. It works great and any issues I had were addressed on this site. This site is well organized with good tutorials and and a helpful FAQ section. My reason for choosing this product was because I love my Nook Color and didn't want to mess it up with my attempts at doing this myself:-) After playing with my "new toy" I can see that I'm not likely to ever use my Nook stock but it's nice to know that option is still there. I purchased the 16GB and so far it seems it will leave plenty of storage for the apps that I really want and books on my reading list. I set up the Calibre app and love it! I can browse my collection at home without having to store the huge library on my Nook color-sweet!

kskelton, via Website

I bought 16gb n2a card for my wife. when i ordered it i did not get it after about a week so i contacted the n2a support team and they sent me a second one without charging me for it. After about three days i received it and it worked GREAT. The first one came in the next day and i sent it back with the enclosed envelope they sent me. Thank You Alex K. and Jay W. and support team for the trust. P.S. My wife loves it. :-)

maddog392009, via Website

My wife recently purchased a Nook Color and was dissappointed with the few apps that were availabale. I researched the web and found N2A - it has really opened up a whole new world of apps. We did lose the Apps drawer Icon and N2A tech support was great - even though I purchased the N2A card second-hand- they helped me create an account and everything is back. We love the N2A card!!

J Dale Savage, via Website

Bot the 32 gig card for my Tablet .. Got here in 2 days .. Stuck it in and was up
and running in about a minute.. No glitches.. Had a bunch of Kindle ebooks
on my computer.. Now they're all on my Nook ..(N2A chip of course) So far, so good..

Thanks Guys.. You saved me from going out and buying a Kindle..

Clint, via Website

I bought the nook color, but realize while im awaiting for shipping the it was the wrong card and i needed the Nook Tablet card N2A immediatley responded to my email and resent the correct to me im the same week. AWESOME!!!!!!! All I can say i LOVE my new Nook Android Tablet. Thanks N2A

msV, via Website

Oh my gosh about to order one, The customer Support team was AWESOME!

Nolton Dyer, via Website

Well done. I had doubts at the beginning because I was making my own cards and one worked once but never again. So i thought it was a problem with my tablet cause it would not boot from SD. So I asked n2a support about it, they said nothing to worry about... and sure enough from the second I put the N2A card in, It worked like a charm. Fantastic job, and well worth the purchase!!!!

James, via Website

It's the NOOK!

Purchased 16gb n2a card for my nook tablet. Placed card inside of nook and powered up. NOTHING! Tried several times nothing. Placed card inside my wife's nook color, PRESTO! Works perfectly! Took my nook back for an exchange. Placed card inside new nook, FINGERS CROSSED! iT WORKS! I love the flexibility to switch back and forth between the nook OS and Full Android! It's probably not your n2a card its the Nook! Make sure you try the n2a card prior to the expiration of your 14 day full refund or exchange period.

ghr, via Website

I am very happy with my N2A card for my Nook Tablet. I am even more impressed with the customer service. The first card I received got stuck in a defective tablet and was destroyed in removing it from the tablet. B&N replaced the tablet and N2A not only sent me a replacement but paid for the postage for the 2nd card and the return of the destroyed one. The N2A card works perfectly and has made my NT much more functional. Thank you for a great product and excellent customer service.

MaggieB, via Website


ANN, via Website

Purchased a 8gb N2A card a couple of weeks ago. As its been stated previously, delivery was very fast. I live in the midwest and card was delivered 2 days after the initial order was placed. The card is great. My NC seems to run faster, more fluidly on android than on the native install from b&n. The only downside, I wish I'd have gotten a 16gb or 32gb instead. With a wide open android market, 8gb fills up very quickly.

Angela, via Website

I now love my nook even more. I ordered the cards on a thuesday and by Saturday they were at my house. They work great on both the nook color and nook tablet. Great buy! i'll definitelly recommend!

Sabrina, via Website

When I first got my Nook tablet I was real happy but was a little disappointed I couldn't down load apps from or Android market. While searching online on how to Root my Nook I found reviews on another website about N2A and decided to get a 32GB card instead of going thru all the hassle of Rooting. And I'm glad I got it! I can't stop playing with it! and by the way customer service is fast and very helpful. So if your looking to turn your Nook into an Android tablet without hassle this is it!

Rivera Jr., via Website

This N2A card absolutely ROCKS! I was up and running in less then 5 minutes. I looked at a couple other solutions out there and found this thru PCMag's stellar review. This solved all my wished and didn't have to spend alot of time setting up a sd card of my own. And I got it quick, ordered on Tuesday got here in Thursdays mail.
Super Job guys, Thanks a Million

Randy Wilson, via Website

The card is working great in my nook tablet. The customer support has been top notch. I have been recommending the card to other nook owners to get access to all the android apps.

jlocker, via Website

Thank you for the N2A 8G card. It works great on my Nook Tablet. No problems at all!

ay, via Website

I'd considered rooting my Nook Color before I found the N2A card. The main downside is that every time the stock Nook gets updated from B&N, the people who "nooted" it had to return it to stock, then root it all over again. Plus, there were so many adjustments to be made after rooting to get things working.

I bought the 16GB N2A card. Put it in. Started the Nook Color. Instant Android tablet. The Market is WIDE open. I've always wanted a better keyboard (with cursor keys), and I installed that right away.

I waited a few days to submit a review. But I can wholeheartedly say now that the N2A card is the BEST thing to happen to my NC hands down. It'll be a long while before I spend much more money on a full-fledged tablet--because I HAVE one now.

TKM, via Website

I am sooo amazed at the speed of which I received my N2A card. I ordered one on the afternoon of the 5th of March, live in Iowa; received my card today, March 7th. Awesome! I did everything the instructions said and had no problems, works amazingly! Am really in love with my Nook Tablet now. Awesome, awesome job!

I had a few questions before I even ordered my card, the support team is awesome, answered my questions very fast, within minutes; not hours or days but minutes!

You guys are great, I am telling all my friends and family that have the Nook about you and your amazing cards. Well woth the money. Thanks guys! Again, you all are truely amazing!

Jesalene, via Website

In my other review I said the customer was great. I meant to say that the customer service and support are great!

Charles, via Website

I bought the card from amazon. I received it in 4 days. I'm very impressed with this card. It is a lot easier to setup compared to the original nook card. Nook Tablet card is much faster, and more fluid. All I can say is WOW. Only downside is that I wish they were able to hook us up with ICS. That aside, N2A has definitely turn my NT into a worthy android tablet. Thanks for all your hard work.

Rulah, via Website

Wow! Insert chip and watch it go. Great value for the price. Makes the tablet as useful and functional as my HTC Evo 4G You did good N2A!

Huck, via Website

I purchased an 8gb n2a cards for my 16gb nook tablet, What a great buy!!!!! I ordered the card on Thursday March 8,2012 and received it at my door on Saturday March 10, 2012!! It was packaged safely and securely and the product was not damaged in any way. I would definitely recommend purchasing to my friends, and I would definitely purchase from them again :)

LadeJade, via Website

Yesterday I received my 32 GB N2A card for my Nook tablet. I wanted to write a review last night but I was just having too much fun with it to take the time. I usually characterize myself as just techie enough to get myself in trouble. No worries here though! I was able to get it up and running very quickly. The few questions I had were answered in help center. I loved my Nook before but now it's soooooo much better.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you for the care you obviously took in creating these cards. OH and shipping was very prompt and packaging extra secure as well.

Amazing!, via Website

All I have to say is absolutely fantastic! I liked my Tablet before, but thanks to the n2a card, I LOVE it! My Tablet has barely left my hands since I got the card almost a week ago and it feels like a brand new toy. The n2a card is easy to use and worth every single penny. I'll be directing all my co-workers with NOOKs to the site so they can get in on the action too! Thank you for this fantastic product!

Ari, via Website

I purchased teh 16GB for my tablet on Monday and I got it on Thursday. Put it in and it was ready to go. My internet connection was very slow last night so I didnt get the full effect of it. But so far so good. I was going to buy a regular table but now I will wait a while longer. My tablet now does everything I want it to do and more. Thanks for making this so easy

Gigi, via Website

Works great. Customer excellent

Charles, via Website

Great Team!! They are Willing and Glad to help in any and every way!! Guidance, Support, Friendliness, ETC.......They Rock!! THANKS!!

xdev, via Website

Good people,

This is a marvelous piece of work! The N2Acard has turned my Nook tablet into a monster. I am ecstatic with what you have delivered - it exceeds anything I imagined. I very seldom write glowing reviews but this little card deserves it.

If you want the best bargain in Android today - get a Nook Tablet and an N2Acard and prepare to be amazed!

mlp, via Website

I live in NW Florida and ordered a card just after lunch on Friday. My 32gb card was waiting for me when I got home from work on the following Monday. Impressive! So is the card. It was super easy to set up, works like a charm and the learning curve for Android doesn't seem too steep. Also, if find that your website is very helpful. So far, so good. Thanks. My Nook Tablet has a lot more flexibility now.

Dave Dean

Dave Dean, via Website

I received the Nook Color to Android SD card today. Plugged it in to the Nook, waited about 3 to 4 minutes for it to boot - IT WAS FANTASTIC!!! It was like getting a new Android Tablet. Everything worked perfect. Doing it this way was so much easier that getting a SD card that cost the same and trying to load the boot program and all the other stuff and hoping it all works. You were referred to me by a sales person at Best Buy - she said it
was the only way to go!

oldcrow / Palmdale, CA, via Website

I absolutely love this for the Nook Tablet. I turns your nook into tablet with access to android aps. When you want to use the B&N Nook you reboot and it converts to the Nook tablet. Simple to use. Thank you very mucy.

bnd245, via Website

I just received the card yesterday, and everything works great!

1) Open micro SD slot and insert N2A card.
2) Close micro SD slot.
3) Power on Nook.

Seriously, it was that easy!

If you are considering this product, you will definitely NOT be sorry once you make the purchase.

GJJones, via Website

I am not easily prone to superlatives like "the best, or the greatest " but I purchased the 16GB card for the Nook Tablet and installed it the same day. Unbelievable. It is absolutely fantastic. I can't believe the apps and the capabilities it gave my tablet. It is definitely worth every penny I paid for it. I have never been an Apple fan and this is an excellent alternative to the Ipad. Who needs a camera on a tablet anyway. Just so ya know, I am not some kid but a 59 year old man who embraces technology. I had gotten my NT for slightly over $170, so I now have a full blown tablet for under $230. Definitely worth every last cent. You guys do great work, keep it up!


Totally worth the money, did exactly as I wanted it to and love, love, love my Nook Color even better! Oh.... and very easy to install. Thanks!

Wow!, via Website

Hello to all. So, I just got my brand spanking new 32gig N2A card for the Nook Tablet today. All I can say is .... WOW ! So completely exceeded my expectations ! It took my kinda neat Nook Tablet reader and turned it into the best toy I've had in a long while ! It does everything and does it all well. The browsing is as fast as my iPad2, which is saying something. The Nook itself wasn't even in the same league. A dog really. Games are awesome. Videos are awesome. And my magazines look much better than on the Nook ! I realize its all in the App but on the Nook, you dont have any options. The preloaded Apps are great. I love the "Live" Wallpaper too. I dont see that on my iPad. But seriously, If you are interested enough in an Android tablet that you find yourself reading this, then this product is 100% for you. Don't Hesitate another second.

Gene from CT, via Website

Received the Nook Tablet card last week, outstanding, easy to use. If you own a Nook Tablet or know someone who does this card is an absolute must. It takes a descent tablet\great book reader and turns it into an android powerhouse. Users can get to their books in either interface. Great Job!

Pete C, via Website

I bought a nook color last May, looking forward to the combined reader and tablet functions it offered for a great price. Like many of the reviewers, I was disappointed in the number of apps available for nook users and considered rooting my nook. But, I am not a programmer and didn't want to ruin my nook. In July, I found out about n2 cards and haven't looked back. Easy to install, easy to use, fantastic customer service!!! In December, we bought a nook Tablet for my husband because he really liked my nook color. My husband now has the nook color (he wanted the Android market more than he wanted the better performance of the nook tablet) and I've got a new tablet but missed my Android access terribly. I'm so excited the cards are now available for the tablet. Three Cheers and 5 stars.

LS, via Website

Great product, received it last week, installed it rebotted, and worked right away. Great inexpensive alternative. And I vahe to admid tha the Android version of the Nook reader is much better.

J.F.L., via Website

I ordered the 32GB N2A card and received it yesterday and I love it! So simple to use and now i can get TONS of apps from the android market! :) Thank you N2A team for making this card!!! :)

AWESOME!, via Website

WOW, Just got my 16G card for my nook tablet and could not get it away from my wife over the whole weekend.So today I am purchasing another 16G card for her nook tablet. Sorry sweetheart Im not sharing with you anymore. LOL

Wrencher69, via Website

Works like a dream, it made my day to see that beautiful CM7 screen come up. I've got all my stuff transferred over and all my apps installed. I put it through it's paces and it does everything I need it for flawlessly. Five stars and two thumbs up.

poiuy, via Website

Got my 32gb card tonight and so far, I really like it. It is possible to go back and forth between Android and the tablet by rebooting to get back to the tablet as an earlier poster mentioned. And when I say reboot, I mean via the popup menu. Having to remove the card doesn't seem to be necessary, but I will continue to fool around with it. The device boots into Android very quickly and I now really love being able to have HBO Go installed along with Netflix for streaming videos. Everything is very quick and responsive. This was a good investment

rickey_boy, via Website

Received the 16 gig card for the NT on Saturday, worked Sunday so just played with it today. I am very impressed. Boots very fast into Android and is easy to go back and forth to Nook. Also have the NC with N2A, but this one is even better.

flucia, via Website

I'm am very impressed with the extraordinary level of rapid support that comes with this product. I'm relatively new to Android and the issues I've had were given working fixes within 24 hours. Usually within 10 hours.

The card works perfectly as advertised, although some features will be resolved with updates over time (such as Bluetooth on the Tablet. The only real concern I have is that there is no way to backup the card or refresh it if you start playing with stuff and then mess it up or format it accidently. For those of us novices that are probably more dangerous than anyone less technically oriented, that's a pretty serious concern.

Spencer Newman, via Website

I just installed the 16GB card last night and I now have a Nook Color and an Android tablet! Easy install after I figured out how to insert the SD card all the way in. I am used to Android on my phone and the N2A setup instructions online helped me setup wi-fi and mail quickly. Awesome product so far. Love that I can startup into either Nook or Android by hitting the volume keys. Just installed Flash player and am going to go check it out.

Diana, via Website

What a powerful little tool this card makes my nook color! My nook is now a full-fledged tablet and I love it. Using the applications and things was simple and easy, but I spent quite some time learning my way around various settings and managing applications because I have had no prior experience with android and it's really like learning your way around Windows for the first time.

I did have to contact N2A SUPPORT via email on a video issue, they responded within just a few hours (easily resolved with an update to which they emailed the link and easy instructions to install). I replied with another question and within a couple hours they responded to that too. Then I emailed where to send kudos and again got a reply in just a few hours. I have to say - N2A customer support is the fastest and BEST support I've experienced in a very very (very) long time! A+++

I highly recommend this card to anyone who has a nook color.

Sheila, via Website

Just got my 32 N2A Tablet yesterday. I downloaded the Slingplayer app from the Android Market and without any hiccups, modifications, workarounds etc., the app works great. I can remotely view all my home TV channels, recorded movies and programs, and video on demand services available from my ATT Uverse service. The picture quality is great with a full screen viewing area.

SpacePro, via Website

Wow.... I'm so happy to hear N2A has a card for the Nook Tablet !!!!..... I've been waiting for it .... I bought 2 Nook Colors... one for my grandson and one for my granddaughter for Christmas of last year .... also bought two N2A cards for each and let me tell u .... I was never so happy in my life.... They're still working just fine .... My Nook Color was rooted by a friend and I love it, but now I'm going to buy the Nook Tablet AND a N2A card for it ...... You guys are wonderful .... I have to tell my friend who has a Nook Tablet to buy the card ... she was upset there wasn't one when she bought her Nook ..... but it's going to be a secret until I get mine first ....LOL

Veronica, via Website

I purchased a Nook Color and N2A card for my mom, 71yrs young, and she was able to install with assistance from me over the phone and I had never touched a Nook. She loves the capability to use her Nook as a reader and a tablet. Since then I received a Nook Tablet, rooted it, got the 1.4.1 auto update, rooted it again but had a hard time blocking the update. Consequently it was updated again. I was going to try to follow xda developers forum instructions and root through the sdcard but the thought of spending another afternoon at my computer isn't worth the hassle in case something goes wrong. Just read where the Nook Tablet card will be available for pre order today. I'll gladly purchase another card, today.

vanj1059, via Website

Just received this in the today for my nook color. Easily the best money I've ever spent - I love it.

sp, via Website

I ordered a N2A for my nook color and it works great. No problems at all. I highly recommend. Just wondering how to update to a newer version.

felicia37, via Website

Just got it today. Followed the instructions and bam! it works outstanding.No problems and its fast. Best early V-day present.

A.M., via Website

I have had my 32 SD card for a while now and I have got to say to anyone that has a Nook, if you love your Nook you need to see what you can really get for your money with these cards. I am all about tweaking and twisting systems to see what I can get out of them. My android cell phone has over 1000 apps, my computer over 2,000 programs. It may sounds nuts having that but I love testing systems how far I can get them to go and then testing all the features that programs have. May take me years but I won't get bored. Now with My Nook having the Android I can see how far I can get it going. The super really nice thing about this to all those that are thinking about buying this or rooting your Nook, there is no reason to root it and taking a chance with problems. It is the safest way without having regrets. The worst thing you can do is take the SD card out and you don't have the Android in it. But as soon as you put it back in, you have your Android and your Nook. It is that simple and I know there are ways you can do it yourself and buy a card, but when you do the math of a card and all the time to make it happen hoping it works, they have it ready for you in the mail. I am a 100% satisfied customer. Thank you so very much. Oh yeah one other thing, If you have a question , problem, what ever, you get a super fast response.

Jeff, via Website

I have read so many articles or reviews concerning the blogger lovers but this paragraph is in fact a good piece of writing, keep it up.

bomeocculge, via Website

WOW...this is awesome...we are overwhelmed with the FAST SHIPPING and support of this product...We received these cards one day before our new Nook Color ereaders (2) arrived. We order NC on the 15th delivered by B&N on the 18th.. Same for the cards and there was a HOLIDAY in there.
By the time we got to open and get ready to set these up it was 9:15 pm we had a slight problem with our WIFI network not connecting and it was 10 pm at night. I sent a message to the support address because I was not able to get verification for the forum my email was not coming in! In LESS THAN 5 mins I had an answer we followed the directions and were up and running by 10:15!!! Support also took care of getting me a manual verification for the forum! AWESOME SUPPORT.

WE LOVE the 2 in 1 but haven't been into Nook since we put the cards in. Nice that we can boot to which ever we want though.

We will tell EVERYONE we come across about these cards.
Ed & Donna
Never been happier with any supplier in my 83/70 years of life

Ed and Donna, via Website

Installation of the N2A 32gig card was simple. Since I'm not very informed with these devices, I followed instructions in the on-line tutorials. I had difficulty connecting to the Android Market and making Market purchases. You are not to believe Google Market support if you are told the problem is that the Nook is unlicensed. N2Acards Support was awesome! Their suggestions fixed problems within hours. I had to reset Talk. And it is necessary to purchase on-line using the home computer, which is trivial sinve there's an automatic download to the Nook. I'm especially happy I rooted my NooKColor, since BN continues to restrict its tablet access to the Android Market. Thanks N2Acards!

John, via Website

I did a lot of internet research before finding N2A Cards. I am so-o glad I found N2A! TOTALLY worth it. I bought the 8GB. I had everything up and running in about 10 minutes. VERY EASY. Worked without issue following the few simple instructions that are included. I made sure my nook color was fully charged before beginning. I purchased my nook color May 2011, so I still had version 1.3.0. Glad I hadn't even tried to download the B&Ns; newest 1.4.1 update. GREAT PRODUCT!! Five stars!!

furface, via Website

I re'ved the 16 MB N2a card as a Christmas gift. I found it difficult to use.. I spent more time trying to "solve' issues by reviewing the tutorials and forums. I feel this card is only for someone with advance computer skills/knowlege. I'm returning my card and then will purchase a real android pad.

Gail, via Website

Initially I was skeptical but after much thought, bought the n2a card. I'm not very computer literate and must say it was SIMPLE to install and get up and running. My only regret was not purchasing the card sooner!

Any questions I had were very quickly answered in the forums/support areas and I haven't booted back to my original NookColor since. You will not be disappointed!

Thanks N2A!

lsmith, via Website

I received my NOOK Color as a gift for my birthday last year, and though I always loved it and the ease of reading many books, I was frustrated with the limited number of apps available for the NOOK. But I think I was more frustrated with the fact that I had to pay for a lot of the better apps that I knew were free from the Android market. A few weeks ago, while trying to update a few of the apps, I got a message that said I was running out of space on the NOOK and that I should archive some of my apps to make more space. I knew that adding a memory card would also solve my problem, so that was the direction I decided to go.
Well, where I live, our only options are Best Buy or Staples and they are ten miles apart. Since I am in Southern California where we pay way too much for gas, I do a lot of my comparison shopping on line. Imagine my surprise, when I did a Google search and amongst the returns was this reference to!
I have a friend that purchased a NOOK Color because I was so happy with mine, but he too became frustrated with the limited abilities and “rooted” his. I had actually considered doing the same with mine, but the thought of having to shut down the NOOK, add or remove the card, and power back up didn’t appeal to me. Neither did having to keep track of that tiny memory card when I was in the NOOK mode.
After reading all of the tech “stuff” on this web page, and considering the price was comparable to just buying a blank card and having to do the work myself, I decided this what just what I was looking for. Let me tell you, I am so happy I did! I purchased the 16GB n2a card and the total time from removing the card from the blister pack to the finish of my first download from the Android app store was 20 minutes! I don’t know how long has been in business, but I wish I had known about them as soon as they opened their “doors”! I now have an e-reader that I am totally enjoying every single day.
Thank you n2acards for making such a great product! I am going to tell everyone I know that is considering buying a NOOK Color that this product should be purchased at the same time and installed as soon as they get it so that they too can fully enjoy all of the features it opens up.

Duane Davis, via Website

You guys are the best! This stuff is awesome and real easy for anyone to use. The support from the staff and the forums are terrific. Keep up the great work. Wonderful product!

Adena Korusek, via Website

Got my N2A card in a few days---The sd card installed flawlessly---I toyed around with system and got myself into minor trouble (my fault only)---Sent messages in to support with my situation and questions--The N2A support is awesome---Answered my concerns quickly and solved every situation without a 'hitch'---N2A provides a complete package if you want to expand your horizons with your Nook Color----TOTALLY SATISFIED!!!!!!!!!!!

Bob, via Website

I was a bit skeptical at first, but after spending two days being frustrated with the Nook Colors dumbed down version of android and the limited free apps in the market place I decided I didn't have anything to lose. The card basically turned one device into a 2-in-1 package. The dual boot mode is awesome and gives me the flexibility to enjoy the device as an e-reader or a tablet. I think this is a great product and am considering purchasing two more cards for my boyfriend's two children so they can also unleash the full capability of their Nook Color. I can't express how pleased I am with my purchase and happy I took the plunge.

Jennifer, via Website

I was technical enough to build my own honeycomb microsd version from online instructions. But I didn't have the Android Market without a bunch more work. No market? No Overdrive app for borrowing library books. I use my Nook Color as a reader a high percentage of the time. The N2A card is simple, complete, and supported. I installed Overdrive from the market, and I now have the best of both worlds. Full Android 2.3 for simple tablet functions like browsing, and an ereader that can download books from my local library (for free). Bonus: I can go back to stock at any time. Well worth it.

Tim, via Website

Just got the 32G card. Wow....Why wait...order now.

donwill, via Website

Got the 16GB card several months ago. I'm very pleased with this easy modification to my Nook Color, and also like the ability to revert to stock config simply by taking out the N2A card.

Mine has run nearly flawlessly since I installed it, and any slight problems were with installed apps, not the Cyanogenmod software. I so much prefer the Android side of the device that I've only booted into the native Nook side twice since I got the N2A card, and one of those times was to do the Nook software upgrade.

Really useful tablet, really well-done software, really happy with this product! Great job. Keep us posted on any future products you come up with, I'll be a customer!

Reid, via Website
I bought the 16g card for my wife's nook and it works great, just plug and play. I liked it so much I bought another one for myself. If you like books it gives you a lot more options.
John, via Website

I am a techie and I attempted to create my own android card for my nook color. After a few hours trying to follow the poor instructions online I found N2A cards and purchased one.

It worked great and had android marketplace available upon bootup. When I tried something too techie and messed up the card support sent me a new card, no questions asked!

Thank you so much and as you see I recommend the N2ACard wholeheartedly.

Souther California

Daniel, via Website

So awesome

trey, via Website
I've had my NC/n2a combo since Aug. I like it so much, I just got one for my wife. Received the card today (ordered it 3 days ago). It installed and is operating flawlessly, just like the first one did.
Rich, via Website
Amazing product. I have never been so happy with a purchase. Shipped quickly and so easy to install. I got it for my 9 year old son, who got a nook color for Christmas. I'm addicted, and am thinking about getting a nook and another card for myself. My wife wants one for her nook as well. Gets five star's from me! Simply amazing! Now I have an awesome tablet, and I can still use BN. I downloaded the nook app, signed in and it works better than the original nook itself!
Anthony M, via Website
I had purchased an SD card to root my NOOK Color from another supplier, and I had lots of problems. I had just about given up on this idea until my son recommended the N2A card. I ordered your 8GB card, received it in a few days, and had my wonderful new Android tablet up and running in about 5 minutes. I have been enjoying it trouble free for a few months, and I can highly recommend it. You have a great product!
MarcTwain, via Website

I bought the 8GB card and had the thing up and running in about 5 minutes. I also found how to turn the card into a dual boot system, which means when I power up my Nook I choose to either use it as a standard Nook, or use it as an Android tablet.....without removing the card. To change the device mode, I just power it off, then back on and pick which mode I want. Now I have 2 devices in 1 about a $300 (plus) savings. Totally awesome.

SHoover, via Website

I have bought 3 so far, 1 for me and 2 for the kids and will probably end up buying more I bet. I have tried 2 other boot disk for the nook colors from others out there and really like this one. they even replaced one that I made bad because of my own error, The tech support is great, they have FAQ and support forums that pretty much answer 95% of all questions and putting in a support ticket will get anything else answered within that day. I am just really impressed with there customer service. I bet I have showed my new and improved Nook Color to 4 or 5 of my computer repair customers who had nook colors, and they all wanted to know where I bought the SD Card. 1st class product, 1st class service. Thank you

Jon, via Website

Ordered on the 23rd received the 27th, popped it in and within minutes working on a fully functional droid tablet - awesome

Bill, via Website

So incredibly easy!!! Slipped the SD Card into the slot, turned it on and "Boom".. there's an Android Tablet running on the Nook. That Nook has been used more in the last 24 hours than it did for an entire year!!! Great product --- Thanks!!

Joel S, via Website

I purchased a 16 gb card as a Christmas present for my wife. Something went wrong with the card after about an hour of playing with the nook, this was Dec. 21st, so I emailed cust. support that evening & recieved a responce with in 5 minutes from the support team. I was overnighted a new card @ no charge, which is working great. Outstanding customer support & product. My Wife loved her gift, thanks N2A support team!

Brian, via Website
¡wow! ¡wow!
Todo esta lleno de color
tiene muchos... no lo puedo explicar.
Carlo, via Website
Bought the NOOK Color and added the N2A Card this morning. THANK YOU. Works great, easy to install and my daughter will be SO excited when she opens her gift on Christ,mas day.
Richard, via Website

i purchased a n2a card in may to use in my nookcolor. I had very little trouble in set up and it exceded my expectations. I could not access the nook side but did not miss it. now with the help of the n2a support team who were always prompt and clear who walked me thru the update, the android side is even better and i can easly use the nookcolor side with just a down load. people are amazed when they see what can be done with a inexpensive device. I would recommend N2A Cards to anyone.

poppy, happy user, via Website

I bought the 16 mb card, and had trouble making it work. I contacted N2A, and Dave V. took care of me like no one ever had before. Sent me a new card without getting the first one back, I had trouble with it after 2 weeks; finally, he had me send my Nook to him and he installed it and made it work and returned it to me overnight at his cost, AFTER having refunded my money. After I receive it, we agreed that I should pay for it after it works for two weeks!! Turns out it wasn't N2A's fault, the Nook was faulty to begin with. If this isn't the ultimate customer service, I don't know what is. When the Nook worked with the card, it was awesome.

Jerry Bennett, via Website
Bought mine when the company was still new love it. Awesome customer service I can't say enough good things about this product. I would buy it again if I get another nook really great pricing too. Their facebook page is so awesome too. Log on their page and see how wonderful people think they are I dare you.
Darlene B., via Website
Bought the 32gb card. Everything works beautifully! My words with Friends app would stop unexpectedly, I emailed support and got lightning fast response with a real person! I'm more than pleased with my purchase.
Leolani, via Website
Just received my N2A 16gb card! It shipped quickly and was packaged VERY well and was well protected. I plugged the card in turned the Nook Color on and within 3 minutes I was on my NEW ANDROID TABLET!! It is lightning fast and is everything that is advertised on this website. I HIGHLY recommend N2A.

Thanks!! This card, along with the Nook Color is going to make my daughter a happy camper on Christmas morning!!!
BrianK, via Website
Wanted more from my NC, thought about rooting it, then found the reviews and website for N2A. Placed my order on Monday, received the MicroSD Thursday. It was in and going in 5 min. And WOW what a difference!! This totally unlocks the potiential of the NC. In fact I just ordered a second N2A for my wifes NC. This is one of the greatest products that I have seen this year! I highly and completely recommend this to anyone out there with a NC (original or new)! You will not be disapointed!!
CWB, via Website

Easiest and cheapest way to get into a tablet. Refurb Nook Color + N2A 32 GB microSD card = Android tablet PLUS a Nook Color for less than $250.00. Upgrade to 2.3.7 went easily, glass-smooth. Information on their forums and the high support level make this a great experience.

Don't hesitate. Pull the trigger and be happy.

Ron, via Website
What an amazing product! After reading all the positive reviews, I decided to give it a try. The price was certainly right !!! I cannot say enough of good things about this card. How simple to install and then find the power of "droid" unleashed. Totally awesome product. I never write reviews, but this one deserves acknowledgment.
Janet M, via Website
Fantastic product and the support is even better. Ordered one for my wife's new Nook Color - she was thinking she'd like it better as the Nook until it booted up as the android. Now she has all her Nook books, Kindle books, web access, email, sync'd calendars with me and the kids through Google calendars, dropbox, and all those game apps.

Had a little issue getting the Word with Friends app to load but n2a support saved the day. Runs fast enough to make her more than happy for browsing, reading, gaming with angry birds and others.

Great product that I highly recommend. I bet the Nook Tablet version will be a hit too.
Richard, via Website

You don't know how happy I am for buying two N2A cards for my grandchildren's Nook Colors..... Someone rooted my Nook Color for me.... it's working great, but I wasn't going to ask him to root the kids..... instead I decided to get the N2A cards.... I'm telling u, they work so much better than my already rooted nook... wish I could unroot mine and get the card for myself, but I'm afraid of losing all the books and free apps I already have on it..... I want to be able to remove the card and revert back to the original Nook if I wanted to.... too late for me... but the grands will have that option .... I'm so happy I found out about these wonderful people at N2A..... I sent an email to them asking if they had a card for the Nook Tablet... cause the Nook Tablet doesn't have everything on their market... they responded they don't at the moment.... Thanks u guys, you've made my day and when the kids get their Nook Colors, you would have made their day too.....

Veronica, via Website

I have a 32GB N2A and am very pleased with the results. Some minor troubles stem from situations where the phone-oriented base Android distro conflicts with the tablet nature of the Nook Color.(tm). Other minor troubles occur due to the single uSD card deployment vs. the tradition phone mix of internal and external storage. Some tinkering and more learning and these troubles fade from routine concern.

It might be nice if there was an out-of-box application bundle that provided a core tablet end-user experience. For me that would include a digital ink "legal pad" for finger or stylus writing capture, a "sketch pad" similar to the legal pad but with draw and paint features, and at least read-access to common office documents. I know that i can hunt things down and tinker them to working, but I might pay for apps known to work in the tablet-enabled Nook Color world.

Dan Saint-Andre, via Website

I purchased the N2A 16GB Card, and had a couple of problems with Android apps not installing correctly, and FB update crashing the app. N2A support team responded quickly and solved my issues.

Their response time is much better than most companies I have dealt with.


Apollo, via Website

I just got my n2a card. It was here quickly, it was easy to install and everything booted up beautifully within a couple of minutes. I love how easy it is to boot in Nook or Android mode. Better yet, I didn't have to struggle with the technical stuff that is outside my comfort zone.

Thanks again.

Karlsie, via Website
I ()*&%$*) love this thing! The card showed up today, I've just had it loaded up for a couple hrs, but WOW. Had to use the support page to get market items to load, but other than that, the card has been perfect and the online support easy to understand when I needed it. Wish had found out about this little gem a year ago. Takes the nook to a whole new level, making it what it was meant to be.
Dave, via Website

Was apprehensive BUT...
Bought the 16G card. Received it in two days, put it in my Nook Color, rebooted, now I have a GREAT Android tablet!
No problems at all.
Service, product first class....GET ONE!

ML, via Website

Here is the subject I wrote asking help from tech support - Used wrong app to increase size of icons. Absolutely my fault. Somewhere in the maze of information I was warned to only use LCDDisplay but I didn't. My Bad.

As a result my screen would not display.

Cut to the chase - N2A apologized to me and sent me a new card with an envelope, stamped, to return the fouled card, which I did.

With the new N2A card everything is working again.

This is really Customer Service. Wow!


Richard Locke, via Website

I was in the market for an inexpensive tablet. I tried several 10.1 inch Android tablets (and being an iPhone user had played with the iPad) but found them too big. I really liked the design of the NookColor and found instructions for booting Android. This was a perfect solution! I do like to tinker, but the N2A card made the process easy and fool-proof.

The best thing about N2A was the customer service. I had intended to order through Amazon and pay part of the cost with a pre-paid Amex gift card. Amazon would not allow me to do this. When I contacted N2A directly, they allowed me to purchase a less expensive card through Amazon and then upgraded me at no cost to the card with more memory I had originally intended to purchase. N2A was very responsive by e-mail and went out of their way to find a solution. The card also arrived several days before my NookColor did, and has worked flawlessly.

Jed, via Website

Very cool! It booted right up, and runs very well. The one issue I've had with downloading from the market was quickly resolved by following the directions on the wesite.

I was getting ready to try rooting my Nook, when I came across a reference to N2A, and I'm very glad I did! This is so much easier!

Bruce, via Website

This is great! I got the card in less time than anticipated, it installed quickly and easily, the tutorials are extremely helpful and when I had a problem and submitted a request for help, I got an answer in a few minutes! Well worth the cost. I like the fact that I can remove the card and go back to the original nook (but why would I do that!). The only thing my tablet is missing is a camera and I have that on my phone-lol.

Your team has done a great job!

Angela, via Website
Awesome!, I received my sd card promptly. If you follow the instructions, you will find no major issues. The rest is basically learning how to use and navigate the new Android Tablet. It is exactly as advertised, easy, convenient and above all, great service.

Excellent product,
Cesar, via Website
Great customer service! I had trouble downloading an app and have a reply to my question in less than an hour. Problem solved.
Gail, via Website

Thank you, Thank you for creating this little Gem! I love the fact that I ordered it on a Thursday, Friday a holiday and Monday morning it was on my desk at work. Within 2 hours of me placing my order I received an email with a tracking number stating my item was shipped! In addition to the excellent customer care, I will like to say I loved the fact how easy it is to start up my Color Nook and switch it into an Android Tablet. It comes with pre-loaded applications like Angry Birds (WooHooo I now do not have to pay to get it off the BNK Android Site) and many other apps. I look forward to doing more business with you in the future.

A very happy Customer...

Beni, via Website
My second testimonial.......
Terrific customer service! Had a little glitch with my card, and they sent me a new one with a pre-paid envelope to return the old one. Whole process took 4 days. Great product and great company.
Stevie, via Website

Not only is the n2a card a revolution to the Nook (Color), the Market has wonderful apps to make my time on the Nook very pleasant. The support is awesome and quick, the forums are informative, and I recommend this card to everyone. You will be amazed!

Joy B., via Website


John, via Website

Not only is the N2A card amazing and works brilliantly; the tech support is incredible! The answers are timely and on the dot. I am very happy with my product, and can't wait to see what the updates can bring. Great work! Keep it up!

JJ Ortiz, via Website
This is INCREDIBLE! I was looking at a tablet ready to pay $400 (10"). With N2A I paid $50 and have the same access to Market, (gotta follow the included instruction guys) and all things Android. AND I still have my beloved Nook Color(r).

Installation was a breeze and flawless. I had NO problems installing and using Market and have been able to download apps that I had purchased for my HTC Android phone.

All of you at N2A are Flippin' genus' GREAT WORK!!
Keith Burk, via Website
Your website has to be the eelcrtonic Swiss army knife for this topic.
Lorin, via Website
Bought the huge 32 for myself, it works great. bought two more 16g for family members with the color nook. I figure its better than the Nook tablet that is coming out (don't care for BN control)
Dan, via Website

GREAT product, GREAT support.
I messed up my account by deleting the gmail account the nook was registered to and could no longer access the app market. Three emails to N2A support later, over the weekend no less, they solved the problem and had me happily adding apps to my hearts delight. Am about to buy a second card for my wife's Nook.

Susmay, via Website
FABULOUS. I ordered the 8gb card and received it within 4 days. The setup was as easy as they tell you and it literally took less than 3 minutes. I turned the Nook off; inserted the sd card; turned the Nook back on; pressed the 'up' volume rocker button for Android boot; Voila ! There are special instructions included that you must follow before downloading anything from the market. It didn't take on the first try, but the second was the charm. I don't know why I waited so long to do this. N2A guys are genius!
Stevie, via Website
I'm no stranger to rooting Android devices and installing custom ROMs, I did it on my original Droid and my new Droid X2 phones, but it takes time and patience. When I read about the N2A cards I just figured this time I would avoid all the research and all the tedious copying and pasting. I'm so glad that I did.

The only glitch I had was that apps didn't want to install from the Android Market. I checked the knowledge base here, quickly found the solution and had the problem fixed within a couple of minutes.

I love this product. I'm in my mid-60s and have neither the time nor the inclination to spend hours hacking a device. Thank you N2A for doing the hard work for me.
Paul in San Francisco, via Website
After reading all the reviews I purchased an 8gig card. The instructions and installation were faultless. My only problem regarding a video issue was quickly and thoroughly dealt with by the support people to my satisfaction.

A great product and a great company to do business with.
David, via Website
This product is amazing, is truly plug and play and the instruction are so simple to follow that a 2 year old could set it up.Received it in 3 days and literally was up and running in no more than 5 minutes. Defintiely worth the money spent.
Thank You so much.....
danmer3, via Website

Awesome!!! After several months of research and going back and forth between Kindle,nook and a tablet. I picked the nook and the N2A card. This was the best choice, I had a couple of questions/problems but all the answers were on the tutorials and worked great. corrected what i needed. Thanks recommending to all!!

Donna, via Website

i received my card really fast. installed it and I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

stacy thomas, via Website
Bought one a few weeks ago and have been totally satisfied. Love the idea of dual booting and not voiding my warranty. Expanded capabilities of my Nook and totally lived up to my expectations. Several of my friends are now looking into it, seeing what mine is now capable of
elevatordude, via Website
First I made my own card spending days in web. It worked ,so I felt GOOD. Than for few extra dollars I got N2A card, and now I have real android 2.3 tablet. Nice works guys and customer support fast and good.
Mike, via Website
Just got my card, and the setup was quite easy. Thanks for providing a great product!!
Bobbi, via Website

I have been using the N2A card for about four months. The product is sound. Very few bugs. Service is magnificent even when I made some dumb errors early on. Buy a Color Nook, add the N2A card and you will have an excellent tablet.

bobh, via Website

I got my SD card this past Tuesday. The install is super simple. It’s as easy as opening the package with the SD card, putting it in the card slot in the back of the Nook, and rebooting the device. N2A included VERY clear instructions to get you up and running. I was easily able to connect my Nook to my wireless router at my house. There are several apps preloaded like the Kindle and Nook apps, Angry Birds, Words with Friends, Pandora, and the Google Suite of Apps. If you have an Android phone, looks very similar to your home screen. The screen moved smoothly, and wasn’t buggy at all. The cool thing about the SD card is that it is a dual boot card. You can select to run the original Nook interface OR the Android interface. And of course, the card is removable and will take the Nook back to the stock OS. No voided warranty!! I look forward to getting the full Android experience now.

Tiffany M., via Website
Thanks this mod is outstanding even when I had a problem I was able to find the answer under your support section of this site. I purchased the 16mb card after following the provided instructions in a matter of minutes I converted my nook into a tablet. After shutting it down and putting it on charge for some reason my app drawer disappeared but a quick visit to your support section revealed how to restore the app button.
Norm, via Website
very easy to install and get up running only took a few wife loves her nook color with android 2.3.4
jerry, via Website

I was looking for an alternate to the iPad, and a friend recommended the Nook. But since I already had a Kindle, I was trying to find out if I can still get my Kindle books onto the Nook. During the many searches I came across the N2A cards website and I was hooked on the idea! Then the card came and I had to install it. Well, I am very computer illiterate -that's what I have my husband for...but he is deployed - so the task was mine and mine alone to accomplish. I had a few ‘issues’ with getting the card to run the way it was supposed to, but to be honest, after the wonderful tech support I received (and an extra card just in case it was the card, not the user), I determined that the fault was mostly (OK, probably fully) with the user. So now I am running Android on my Nook and absolutely love it! I am still learning some of the things this can do (see note above about computer illiteracy), but so far I love it and had no issues with it. I have managed to upload pictures, songs, movies, and even my work spreadsheets, not to mention my Kindle books! If you are looking to ‘upgrade’ your Nook and are not very tech savvy - this is the way to go!

Petra L.S., via Website

Thank you so much for the N2A cards! It is awsome! I love my Nook but love it more now! Never thought I'd be able to get a 'tablet' ! You guys are awsome and would love to keep up to date on everything. Will be going to the 'Forums' quite frequently! Thanks again!

Flori, via Website

I bought a refurbished Nook Color II and an N2A card in order to gain some exposure to the Android world. The combination has proved most, most satisfactory. After having punched around enough in the Android system to become somewhat familiar with it, I amazed. The Nook Color II/N2A has become my reader of choice. I have a MacBook Pro, an iPad I, and a Nook Simple. I find that the Color II/N2A fills the need for an eBook reader, a magazine rack, an email reader, and a newspaper reader. This is what B & N should have done with the Color II.

I seldom use my iPad. Or, for matter, my other toys.

Thanks to N2A for a really good device.


wcr, via Website


Congratulations to you and your entire creative and technical team on your beautiful new website. This is truly a work art and very impressive. It will be an excellent place to hang out and chat with friends about the amazing N2A NOOK Color.

Kindle Fire, you've been smoked!

Bonnie, via Website

Just amazing! I have been blown away. I wasn't quite sure what to expect and what the advantage would be of using your product. I searched the internet and decided to use you guys because of the professionalism and the positive feedback on Amazon. I'm glad I did. The process couldn't have been easier. I have been making additions and developing my system ever since. Now I have an amazing tool that keeps me mobile and up to date on my job and for my personal reading. Just amazing to have such a great tool without breaking the back. You guys rock. - Roy D

Roy D, via Website

I had my nook color for months and really just wanted to be able to read my Kindle books as well. I was afraid of doing my own rooting even though I am fairly computer literate. I found the n2a website thru Google.

I ordered from and my card came within 3 days. Followed the instructions and amazed how easily everything worked. I did not like the volume I had and then just as easily found a way to increase volume in the forums. I now have Kindle, nook, netflix AND hulu up and running! The nextflix and hulu are just icing on the cake.

Can't say enough good about this company and this product. If they get as many orders from people who has seen my new rooted nook...and those people tell people....

Brenda Hardy

Brenda Hardy, via Website

All I can say is...yes. If you're thinking about it...yes. Is it really that easy....yes. Will it open up a whole word of amazing possibility...yes.

Don't hesitate a moment longer.....YES!!!!

CraftyMom, via Website

I just received my 16 GB N2A SD card, and I'm surprised at the number of applications that have been preinstalled in this tiny product! It is very user friendly, and very well thought out in terms of popularity of apps and usability.
The service was very prompt and sincere throughout - when I informed the N2A support group of a delay in my shipment, they were quick to acknowledge the fault on their part and offered to ship my product via express delivery at no extra cost. Thanks to the prompt service, my product arrived in accordance to my schedule.
I've also had the benefit to compare this product with a Nook Color that has been rooted, and I daresay the performance is just as good - perhaps even better with the N2A SD Card! Definitely a perfect solution for those who are less tech savvy and require an idiot-proof way of transforming their nook color into an Android Tablet.

Triple thumbs up!!!

Cheers & thanks, Dave & team.

Cai Yi Cheryl, via Email

Hi there!
I purchased an 8gb card and I am truly delighted! It arrived promptly, very clear instructions, worked perfectly at the first startup, many more apps included than I excellent product.
Being modestly computer-literate, I had intended to program my own card to root my nook, but seeing your $40 price, I thought that the time and potential aggravation savings made your card worth buying...I'm now really happy I bought it, especially for the included apps that I wouldn't have thought to get.
Thanks again,
Rod King

Rod King, via Website